5G Upgrades – May 23

In May we launched BearingPoint’s major study of 10,850 mobile customers across Europe, which found that Telco operators need to do more to educate consumers on the benefits of 5G. This report was picked up widely by the technology and telecoms media including Mobile Europe, Telecoms News, Consultancy.uk and UK Tech News.

Although almost three quarters (74%) of mobile customers in the UK are satisfied with their mobile network, one of the highest in Europe, less than a third (31%) are using 5G on their smartphone – despite over half of users (52%) with 5G access reporting a discernible improvement in performance compared to 4G.

Across Europe, whilst 84% of customers surveyed by BearingPoint for its Connectivity Challenge Study were aware of 5G, they do not truly understand its potential benefits and are concerned about network quality.

Commenting when the study was released, John Ward, UK CME Director, BearingPoint said: “Awareness in the UK and across Europe is still low to the fact that 5G offers higher network bandwidth, better latency and higher reliability, and also provides the network technology with the highest data security and the best energy efficiency among the mobile access technologies.

There is also a clear divide between the DACH region and the rest of Europe. While most European countries outside the DACH region are largely satisfied with their mobile network (averaging 75%), the opposite is true for the DACH region, and this trend is mirrored when it comes to customer satisfaction with their fixed broadband connection. With massive investments in networks across Europe, this seems to be rather a matter of perception than actual quality.”