Sustainability in UK retail – March/April 24

During March we started working with BearingPoint and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) to prepare for the media launch of a new BearingPoint study analysing the sustainability of the UK retail industry, through a survey of BRC members. The study, which was launched on 8th April, highlighted a number of key opportunities for UK retail to become a more sustainable industry. During the launch week coverage was achieved in Internet Retailing,, Logistics Matters, Retail Bulletin, The Retail Technology Innovation Hub, and

The study, The Imperative to Act: Advancing Sustainability Maturity within the UK Retail Industry, identified four key opportunities for UK retail:

  1. Accelerate investment in data and technology
  2. Incorporate long-term risks and ESG macro trends into strategy
  3. Collaborate with external stakeholders to ensure accountability and transparency
  4. Recognise the role of employees in driving sustainability

Stuart Higgins, Partner at BearingPoint said:

“By working closely with the BRC, and by utilising BearingPoint’s Sustainability 360 methodology, we have been able to benchmark the UK Retail sector’s preparedness to deliver its sustainability agenda. This is a groundbreaking piece of work that will help the UK retail sector to meet the growing demands for sustainable retailing from its customers and from its shareholders and investors.”