Expert Positioning – Sept 23

We’ve been busy arranging a series of interviews and content for Stuart Higgins, Partner at BearingPoint. First, we worked with Stuart to provide comments to DeliveryX on the impact of the ULEZ expansion.

Additional comments from Stuart were then developed and provided to ERP Today for a feature looking at how to choose between using a consultant, and a contractor.

Finally, we worked closely with the editor of Logistics Manager and Stuart to provide very detailed commentary on how AI could help fashion logistics break the constraints that have long held it. Not only was Stuart’s comments featured online, his thoughts were also featured as a DPS in the print edition.  

On generative AI, Stuart said in Logistics Manager:

“One of the reasons the retail industry is so animated about the advent of generative AI is that it suddenly opens up the possibility of managing fashion supply chains in a very different way. Generative AI provides the mouth watering prospect of being able to tailor ranges and assortment for individual stores and to easily manage the mathematical complexities of managing tens of millions of forecasting and replenishment decisions on a daily basis.”