Sky TV interview kicks off launch – Oct 23

We’ve just launched this year’s Nash Squared Digital Leadership Report, which has largely contributed towards the 33 pieces of media coverage achieved or confirmed this month, including a Sky News Business Live interview with Nash Squared CEO, Bev White and return to the office feature on BNN Bloomberg and Bloomberg UK.

In addition to news coverage in the likes of Computer Weekly,, Tech Monitor, The Register and, we also wrote five expert insights, with two already being covered the week of the launch in Computing and Computer Weekly.

As the report included a lot of data and thoughts on AI, we purposefully moved the launch forward by a week, so that the findings were released just before the first AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park.

The global study of tech leaders (CIOs, CTOs etc) led on the fact that only 1 in 8 (12%) in the UK are prepared for the demands of generative AI, and an overwhelming majority (90%) believe heavier AI regulation is essential.

In the UK release, Bev White, CEO of Nash Squared said:

Over the years there has been much hype about the potential for AI, but this year our research suggests we may have reached a tipping point. AI sits at the intersection of people and technology, and with the recent mass adoption of generative AI, the opportunities and challenges for organisations is potentially vast. It could be the trigger that prompts an avalanche of AI investment – similar to the mass adoption of cloud over the last ten years. This just makes the regulation and governance of AI more important than ever. Despite their keenness, many tech leaders admit that they don’t have a clear picture of the way forward and feel unprepared for the challenges ahead. Establishing clear guardrails, guidelines and ethical safety nets around AI is simply essential. Otherwise, what could be one of the truly transformational enablers of the modern age could instead become one of its biggest, risk-laden destabilisers.”