Reacting to 7am ONS jobs data – Aug 23

At 7am on 15th August the Office of National Statistics (ONS) released its jobs data finding that employment in UK tech had risen at one of its fastest rates in a decade – up 85,000 to 1.73m (April-June 2023). However, this significant rise had been dominated by men, as women in the sector had actually dropped by 3,000 to 485,000 from 488,000.

We quickly organised comment from Rachel Watts and Andy Heyes, which led to coverage in Tech Monitor, The Stack, Computing, Computer Weekly, and Personnel Today.

In response to these figures, Andy Heyes, Managing Director UK&I and Central Europe at global technology recruiters, Harvey Nash, said:

“It has been a strong quarter for tech employment in the UK, with the sector seeing one the biggest quarterly rises in recent years. This underlines the fact that technology transformation is simply indispensable for many businesses. They’re on a digitisation journey and that can’t just be put on hold. Investment in technology can reduce costs while also increasing revenue through stronger customer-facing applications and higher productivity – the business case for investment is clear.

 At Harvey Nash, we’re seeing ongoing demand for technology staff across skillsets, in particular developers, cyber specialists, project managers and business analysts. There is also high demand for transformational CIOs. For organisations struggling to find or make budget for permanent staff, contingent worker demand is rising too.”