Supply & Tech – March 23

Once again, we’ve been busy this month creating media commentary opportunities for all of our clients, but in particular we secured two national opportunities for independent management and technology consulting firm BearingPoint in two business/management reports published in The Times and Sunday Times.

First, we arranged for Emile Naus, Partner at BearingPoint to comment in a feature on the impact of Brexit on supply chains. An interview between Emile and journalist, Chris Stokel-Walker was arranged and Emile was quoted widely in The Sunday Times report on 19th March. He said:

“The liability doesn’t disappear because the people doing the checks have. As a business, if you import a product, it may not have been tested as it came into the country. You have to put checks in place.”

We then secured an opportunity to provide comments on how instore automation can improve the retail experience, and Stuart Higgins, Partner at BearingPoint provided extensive views to journalist, Marc Ambasna-Jones. As a result, Stuart was quoted widely in The Times report on 30th March.