Live on Sky News – Oct/Nov 22

We’ve just launched the Nash Squared Digital Leadership Report, which is based on the world’s largest and longest running survey of senior technology decision makers.

To really amplify interest in this report, we arranged for CEO, Bev White to be interviewed live on Sky News’ Ian King Live Show. This is the second year running Bev has been interviewed live on the show.

The report found that despite 90% of digital leaders in the UK expecting an economic downturn, tech spend this year is set to grow at its third fastest rate in over 15 years, as over half (52%) of digital leaders in the UK expect their technology budget to rise, and only around 1 in 7 expect their budget to fall.

But the report also found that investment has slowed in emerging tech like AI, RPA, and Big Data in the UK, threatening opportunities to innovate through global economic instability. Although investment remains strong in cloud (67% reporting large-scale usage in the UK), companies are cutting back their investment in Big Data and RPA that are key to innovation and to gaining a competitive advantage.

In addition to the live interview on Sky News, the report has already been picked up in news by Computer Weekly, Tech Monitor, Diginomica and many others.

Also, ProServ wrote five media viewpoints based on the findings for Nash Squared, with two already published in Computer Weekly and in HR Director.

We’ve been launching this report in the UK since 2016, and we’re already looking forward to 2023’s!