High profile opportunities – June 22

During June we have concluded work on two high profile media/event opportunities we had secured through our national media contacts.

First, we have worked with global business TV channel, CNBC to provide Five Business Lessons (My Biggest Lessons) from our client, Bev White, CEO of Nash Squared. From the point that this opportunity was secured, ProServ worked closely with Bev/Nash Squared by interviewing her about her five lessons, and then preparing a final script for her film interview, which can be viewed here.

In addition to being hosted on the CNBC My Biggest Lessons website, the interview has been segmented into separate lessons, which will be played through the advertisement breaks on the CNBC News channel.

Second, we managed to secure an opportunity for Bev White to be an expert panellist at the FT Live event, Strategies for Dealing with the Great Resignation, on the 30th June. With many employers grappling with the “Great Resignation”, as mass lay-offs and working-from-home mandates during the Covid-19 lockdowns prompted people to re-assess their careers, work-life balance, pay and working conditions, this webinar discussed the challenges and opportunities presented by the Great Resignation, with a focus on training and coaching successful sales teams.

Both of these high profile opportunities were as a result of our national media contacts.