CNBC – My Biggest Lessons – July 22

Following on from last month’s post, Bev White, CEO of Nash Squared’s Big Lessons have proved hugely popular since going live on the business and financial news television channel, CNBC’s website. Bev’s lessons cover the following areas:

  1. Have open conversations with your teams
  2. Trust in people
  3. Don’t avoid issues
  4. Use the power of storytelling

Finally, Bev’s last lesson is about embracing your responsibility for diversity. As Bev explains, this is subject that’s really close to her heart and it’s something that historically the tech sector has struggled with as only around 12% of tech leaders are women, and only about a quarter of the workforce as a whole.

Bev then goes on to explain:

“Diversity & inclusion have significantly risen up the agenda in recent years and it’s something I’m passionate about pushing myself in Nash Squared and the tech industry more broadly. There’s lots of great work going on, from creating networks to mentoring to re-imagining recruitment strategies. But my point here really is – think about what you can do yourself, on a personal basis. Take flexible working. Be aware of what commitments members of your team have – if they’re a mother or a carer for example. You may not be able to change the time of a meeting just for them, but you might be able to help by giving them enough notice about it. As leaders, we can send powerful messages – so embrace that and show people you’re serious about helping everyone thrive in a broad and inclusive culture.”