The ‘go to’ for tech talent – March 2022

We’ve once again positioned Harvey Nash Group as the ‘go to’ for tech talent. Firstly, we achieved four pieces in The Future CIO Report, published in The Sunday Times on 6th March.

This included Harvey Nash Group data from its Digital Leadership Report (DLR) in a piece looking at retail’s hunt for IT Talent. Data from the DLR was also featured in a separate piece looking at how CIOs can propel their firms to net zero, and on the front cover of the report in a piece looking at where IT and HR converge.

Finally, DLR data finding that two-thirds of digital leaders expect most of their team members to work two to three days a week from home, was included in a piece looking at how to retain IT talent amid the great resignation.

Then, later in March, the results of collaborating closely with a freelance journalist we have worked with for over 15 years, led to an in-depth feature in Forbes looking at how companies are recruiting more women into technology since the pandemic. This piece included comments from Bev White CEO of Harvey Nash Group, data from the DLR, and the views of Group client, Amy Gilman, Head of People at Freetrade.

Bev White, CEO of Harvey Nash Group, said in the piece:

“There are now over half a million women working in UK tech. This trend is set to continue as hybrid working delivers the level of flexibility that women with young families have needed for a long time. Companies of all sizes are also recognising that investment in diversity programs has a clear commercial, as well as equality, case.”