Financial Times Successes – Dec 2021

In the final quarter of 2021, we have continued to position our client, Source Global Research (Source Global) as the experts on trends in the domestic and global professional services market.

During the last quarter of the year we have had success in a number of national/international titles but a real achievement was contributing to, and featuring within, six pieces in The Financial Times, covering the following:

Although the print circulation of The Financial Times has continued to shrink over the last decade, its online presence has sky rocketed and it now has a total of 26 million readers each month, with 7 million in the UK, and over 8 million in the US. A third (32%) are in C-suite positions, 62% are business decision makers, 23% are technology decision makers, and almost half (47%) work in a company size of over 1,000 employees.

In short, the FT remains one of the most efficient routes to reaching (or raising your profile amongst) senior business decision makers.