Supply Chain Experts – July/Aug 2021

We’ve had great success in the last few weeks positioning management consultancy, BearingPoint as the ‘go to experts’ on supply chain related issues.

At the start of the month, Emile Naus commented in The Financial Times on the impact of rising shipping costs, saying:

“We have had numerous reports that containers are being left off vessels even after paying the high rates. This has certainly caused some customers to over supply products, to try and maintain stock levels in Europe. The result is that there will be an issue with warehouse capacity, and the bullwhip effect this will undoubtedly cause will actually lead to more uncertainty in shipping volumes well into 2022.”

Emile then appeared in three news stories that featured in The I Newspaper – one looking at the impact of rising shipping costs on the UK’s retail sector, one on the impact of the HGV driver shortages, and one looking at why Black Friday deals could be different this year.

Chris Moss of BearingPoint was then quoted in The Times, in a feature looking at why the new generation of grocery delivery companies depend on leasing “dark stores”, or warehouses in areas of high population density and the impact this is having on retail landlords.

Chris said in the article that emerging rapid fulfilment start-ups offered an opportunity for retail landlords to fill empty space located close to where people live and work:

“You can only achieve ten-minute fulfilment by being in as many locations as possible, close to customers. With so many players in the market and as yet no sharing of operations, multiple micro-hubs could pop up on every high street to get to customers quickly.”