News to be proud of – Jan 2021

What a year 2020 was for all of us. WFH became the norm, many of us ‘had a go’ at home teaching (and here’s second time lucky!), and the world of work and the global economy experienced a very bumpy ride.

Despite all of this, 2020 was a very busy year and we still managed to achieve many excellent results for our clients including a live interview on BBC Radio 4’s flagship business and current affairs show, The Today Programme – a first after over 20 years in the PR industry! We also achieved many global pieces in countries like the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Brazil, and the U.S.

Another first for us this year was to get a client report on mental health in tech not only featured on the BBC website, but this story also made the BBC News Smartphone App, one of the most popular ways in which consumers now keep up to date with breaking news and current affairs.

As we start 2021 with Lockdown 3.0, we have tried to narrow down the results we’ve achieved for our clients in 2020 to a top 12 (one for each month), but with The Today Programme and BBC News Online featuring in August, we had to include them both. So, here’s our top 12…without December as we strictly wanted to keep it to 12.

  • January – The Financial Times – We provided client comment and data on the use of consultants in the public sector.
  • February – The Wall Street Journal – We provided a rapid client response to the breaking news that the Financial Reporting Council was recommending that audit and consulting services should be split.
  • March – The National (UAE) – We launched a client market report in the UAE and across the GCC region which included this new story in The National.
  • April – BBC News Online – We positioned our client as an expert on consumer technology supply chains to secure this BBC Technology piece looking at the impact of the pandemic on high-tech supply chains.
  • May – The Daily Telegraph – As a result of our work promoting the largest IT leadership survey in the world, we secured an opportunity for our client to discuss AI and the future of jobs.
  • June – The Times – For this Times/Raconteur report, we secured an interview with our client fashion/retail sector expert to discuss the use of AI and AR fitting rooms.
  • July – BBC Radio 5 Live/Radio 2 – As job loss announcements rapidly grew over a 24-hour period we positioned our client as an expert on the steps to take to find a new job for a live interview on BBC Radio 5 Live news, which was also featured on BBC Radio 2’s six o’clock news.
  • August – BBC Radio 4 – Today Programme – For the Office of National Statistics (ONS) quarterly announcement on jobs in the UK, and by sector, we prepared a response, and pre-sold in our client expert for a live interview on the Today Pogramme. The same month, we placed a client report on Mental Health in Tech, provided client comment and arranged all of the case studies for this BBC News Online feature. 
  • September The Daily Telegraph – We provided the financial and professional services correspondent of the Telegraph with an exclusive client report on the impact of Covid-19 on the global/UK consulting market.
  • OctoberThe Australian Financial Review – Our client featured heavily, with data and comment, in this long read looking at the future of the consulting sector.
  • November – CNBC – Our client featured in an hour-long TV panel discussion on the key technology and future of work trends.