Going Global During Lockdown – April 2020

As with most businesses, the last few weeks has felt very different. A new workplace which has the added benefit, and stereo sound…of children. Despite this, we’ve been working hard for our clients on a global scale/reach – with pieces in the Middle East (The National), in Australia (Australian Financial Review), and on the BBC.

Last week we lined up Emile Naus, a Partner at BearingPoint to be interviewed for this BBC article on how Covid-19 will impact the next generation of smartphones. Emile points out in the article that the most important part of the phone is not the hardware, it’s the software, and this can be developed remotely. However, testing the device may be harder to carry out.

Finally, this week we’ve worked with long standing contact, Edmund Tadros on the Australian Financial Review on his piece looking at the impact of Covid-19 on the Australian consulting market. In addition to our client, Source Global Research’s data being featured, Fiona Czerniawska, Joint Managing Director of Source commented in the article:

“Although the first quarter of the year was similar to 2019, it’s likely that there’ll be a sharp drop in Q2 and Q3. Unsurprisingly the worst hit sectors are likely to the services sector, especially leisure and aviation.

With the rapid move to online working, demand for technology consulting will probably suffer the least – we estimate an 8% drop over the course of the whole year. However, other more discretionary services, especially those that require a lot of on-site support, such as change management, could see demand fall far more steeply by as much as 40%.”