Targeting the world’s top consulting markets – May 19

We’ve just launched two consulting market reports for Source Global Research to the most attractive consulting markets in the world – DACH (German, Austria and Switzerland) and the US.

The DACH report, which was launched in Frankfurt in early May, found that the DACH consulting market grew by 8.2% to reach a total value of €10.69bn in 2018 with Germany, the region’s largest consulting market, leading the way with 8.5% growth. This report was exclusively featured in leading German national newspaper, Handelsblatt.

Then, on the 21st May, The Wall Street Journal featured the launch of Source’s US Consulting Market Report in New York, which found that the US consulting market performed well in 2018 (up 8.5% to US$68.5bn) partly thanks to strong growth in the huge financial services consulting market. Banking was the standout industry in the financial services sector, helped by a rise in interest rates and a reduction in corporate tax that has eased budget pressures on banks, helping to fund their investment agenda.

The report also revealed that M&A activity among banks is becoming a major driver of demand following years of limited activity.

Commenting on the growth in work in the US financial services sector, B.J. Richards, Senior Editor at Source Global Research, said:

With over 5,600 smaller and medium-sized banks in the US, there is huge scope for consolidation, and a number of changes have come together of late to encourage this, including improved profitability, shareholder interest in new ways to boost returns, and the federal government’s more favourable attitude toward consolidation.

This is creating opportunities for consulting firms of all stripes, in due diligence, strategy development, and post-merger integration work.”