Giving CCL an industry voice – Oct 18

Just over six months ago it was announced that our longstanding client, Fascia Graphics  had been acquired by CCL Design UK, part of CCL Industries, which operates across the globe, employing over 20,000 people. In addition to label’s and overlays, CCL’s extensive product portfolio includes – precision die-cut functional parts, device brand enhancement products, brand protection and authentication products, coated films, materials and labelstock.

Following the acquisition, we introduced the trade media to CCL’s complimentary products and capabilities. In this Design Solutions company profile we focused on the anti-counterfeiting products that CCL manufactures including Videomark, Security Labels (Overt/Covert), Taggants and Track & Trace. We then followed this up with a series of anti-counterfeiting viewpoints in Electronics, Med Tech Engine, Components in Electronics (CIE), Converter and Industrial Compliance.

We then developed a viewpoint around the introduction of the new EU Medical Device Regulation and the EU In vitro Diagnostics Regulation. These regulations are being introduced because of a number of scandals that has hit the industry. Articles have already appeared under the name of a CCL Design UK expert in Instrumentation, Electronics and Components in Electronics (CIE).

We’re now moving onto the topic of printed/decorative electronics – a subject matter which covers so many different applications and industry sectors. After submitting the first article today, we’re anticipating similar interest from the electronics and trade media over the coming weeks.