Case in Point – August 2018

Work for our client Clifton Asset Management, who also owns Alternative Business Funding (ABF) and, once again illustrated the power of well-written and targeted case study content.

First, The Daily Telegraph featured Michael and Lisa Green, as they used Pension-led funding to help fund the launch of their arts café in Hove, Treacle & Ginger. Michael told the Telegraph: “After five years a bank would want that money back and then some,” He said. “I was investing my pension anyway and thought, “If I play for safety I’ll only get a couple of per cent return”. I wanted to be in charge of my own destiny.”

The Telegraph also spoke with Adam Tavener, chairman of Clifton Asset Management. Adam said: “Pension-led funding was most appropriate for over-40s with larger pension pots. In many cases the business owner considers their enterprise their principal source of long-term financial security, so an investment in it can make sense.”

All in all – a good result.

Then, at the end of August, the Treasury released data around the level of SME funding through the Bank Referral Scheme. We worked with the Treasury press office to develop a County Down Developments case study, which used the ABF platform to receive the largest P2P finance deal through the scheme from P2P funder, Blend Network. The case study was featured in The Irish News, Adam Tavener’s AccountingWEB column, Peer2Peer Finance News, Business Advice UK, and Development Finance Today. Almost all of these pieces covered the story with the case study photography that we developed for the launch.